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My life as of late

- I saw Fireworks (my absolute favorite band) in Iowa City. I was front row with no barricade. They walked off stage after the show and I got to casually talk with all of them. It was crazy. We talked about music/hobbies/life for a good 20 minutes. I shook all of their hands and they were the nicest group of guys ever. They also all signed my copy of the “Gospel” vinyl which I now proudly hang on my wall.

- I talked to Jordan Pundik (lead singer of New Found Glory) about flying to Cali to have him tattoo me. He said he could and I’m setting a date now. He’s gonna do a Fireworks piece I came up with on my right quad. I’m in awe that I’ve made contact with him, and that I will meet him in real life and chat while he draws on my skin.

- I’m heading to Chicago to see one of my high school friends and we’re going to a party at a rooftop bar (literally on top of a skyscraper). The following day will be spent on the beach.

- In preparation for the beach, I’ve reduced my body fat percentage to ~11% and put on a decent amount of muscle. I finally look how I’ve wanted to for years now. My diet is very clean and my exercise routine is very effective

- I’ve reconnected with my best friend. This is something I never though would happen. We had a big argument and I was sure my best friend of 10 years and I were no more. We talked it out now and plan on playing video games/hanging out like we used to. I could not be happier about it.

- I’m buying my own place. Mortgages are overwhelming, but it will be much cheaper than rent. I can do whatever I want to this place, its mine. Also, I can really start to save up money and go back to just one job. I value my time more than ever, and just having my Mon-Fri daytime job will make life much less stressful.

- I’ve become very confident. I have no problem interacting with strangers. I’ve met loads of new people in recent weeks and been to all different cities and places just hanging with these people. It feels good.

I know none of you give a shit, I’m just putting this out there. A few weeks ago I fully expected to spiral downward and be depressed for a long time before recovering. I decided that wasn’t going to happen, and now I’m flourishing. It feels good to develop as a person the way that I am. Things have been great, and I’m starting each and every day excited at the opportunities it might bring.